#059 Cool Beaded Hen

Pretty beaded decorative hen ornament Bright cool beaded ornament for decoration Cute beaded hen decoration

  • Handmade item
  • Made to order
  • Total Length: 12 cm (4 3/4")
  • Length of ornament: 9.5 cm (3 3/4")
  • Materials: Japanese Glass Seed Beads (11/0) Toho, Wooden Base Bead, Nylon Threads
  • Price: $45.00 USD
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  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Note: The color of the item pictured may vary from the actual product

This specific hen can be great addition to your collection of Christmas ornaments. It can also be a gift for someone who was born in the year of the rooster by the Chinese calendar. This ornament is made out of a tiny Japanese seed beads.

This one of a kind keychain is available right now. Feel free to message me with any questions you have pertaining to it.

This ornament can be customized. Please note that the price of it depends on the pattern and materials used. Feel free to ask me if you are looking for any other creature to be charmed for you.

Note: The findings may vary depending on what I have available.

Cool miniature beaded holiday ornament custom made beaded collectible mini figurine Kawaii beaded hen charm for decoration

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