#048 Purple Metallic Beaded Crochet Necklace

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  • Handmade item
  • Made to order
  • Primary color: Purpl
  • Length: 41 cm (16")
  • Width: 6 - 8 mm (1/4" - 5/16")
  • Materials: Japanese Glass Seed Beads (15/0) Toho, Cotton Threads
  • Closure: Acrylic Gold With Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Clasp
  • Price: $100.00 USD
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  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Note: The color of the item pictured may vary from the actual product

This unique shiny ultraviolet necklace made out of tiny metallic Japanese beads can be a magnificent addition to any outfit. The necklace is very flexible and comfortable to wear.

PANTONE declared ultra-violet as the color of year 2018 which would also make it a great idea for a gift.

Warning. This necklace has magnetic clasp. It is very comfortable but can't be used with pacemaker. I can replace it with toggle or lobster clasp.

Note: The findings may vary depending on what I have available.

This beaded necklace was made just as an example. It is not available right now, but can be made upon request. It will take about 2-3 weeks to make, plus shipping time.

This design can be customized. Please note that the price of it depends of the pattern of the necklace, length and beads size (11/0 or 15/0). You may choose any length of the necklace from 35 cm to 50 cm (14” to 20”), but feel free to ask if you need a longer one. It can also be made in whatever color or color combination you desire.

Fashionable purple beaded crochet custom made necklace with paper stars purple origami paper lucky stars Exclusive ultra violet crochet beadwork rope necklace with lucky stars

Thank you for looking, have a nice day!

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